Costa Ricans Ranked Among Happiest People in the World

Costa Rica is recognized worldwide as a country with a tremendously rich biodiversity, with lush and tropical scenarios, warm exotic beaches and a varied and vibrant culture; these are more than enough reasons for Costa Ricans to be ranked among the happiest people in the world.

Why should Costa Ricans not be the happiest people in the world if the army was officially abolished back in 1948, education has been and still is a priority for our governmental authorities, our fertile soils are very generous with our agro-industry and our lush and verdant Tropical Rain Forest holds a great number of species of unbelievable wild life?

The rich and unique culture of this small Central American country lays in the diversity of ethnic groups that inhabit this territory since pre-Columbian times, and the traditions added by Europeans and Afro-Caribbean slaves that ended up as free people in the Atlantic side of Costa Rica; the cultural richness is even more evident in the Costa Rica’s gastronomy and folklore present in every one of its provinces.

The authenticity of the people, the fresh air and verdant mountains, the sweet smells of fresh fruit, the powerful and yet beautiful scenarios of the active volcanoes, and the warm friendly atmosphere will be only part of the welcome you can expect in Costa Rica, the happiest country in the world!

Johnny Viquez



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