Put the poachers in jail and make them pay.

A group of CRIMILALS burned hundreds of acres at Palo Verde National Park in revenge for not been able to hunt at the park due to the good surveillance and dedication of the park rangers.

What is really frustrating is the old and insufficient law in Costa Rica to condemn these “assassins” for their crime, since in the best scenario they will pay a maximum of 3 years of jail or pay up to $1,500.00 (isn’t this offensive), but if they have no criminal records they will be set free without having to assume their responsibility for destroying hundreds of acres of pristine forest, killing hundreds or even thousands of animals and plants, and destroying the ecosystems that will be recovered not earlier than 40 or 50 years.

What motivates me to write about this situation is the urgent need to improve and renew the law, and to make every poacher captured in the protected areas pay accordingly to the damage done; if it was in my hands I would go from a minimum of 5 years (or $20,000.00 minimum) up to the time estimated for the area damaged to recover (up to 40 years).

I know that improving the law, putting poachers in jail, and the $20,000.00 will not bring back the forest, the birds and other animal nor the lushness and exuberance of the natural scenarios, but it will be a sufficient incentive for poachers to not to keep hunting and burning our natural resources.
I just hope that the poachers responsible for burning the Palo Verde National Park this month get identified and put in jail as a precedent for future cases.

Johnny Viquez



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One Response to “Put the poachers in jail and make them pay.”

  1. mike c Says:

    it’s disgusting. i think these criminals should get life imprisonment. that goes for all poachers caught killing protected wildlife. there’s no excuse.

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