Open sky mining in Costa Rica?

We want to congratulate our new elected president Laura Chinchilla for her position and her guiding principle in regards of the open sky mining Project named Crucitas, located in the northern inland of Costa Rica; project authorized by current governmental authorities at a cost of destroying acres and acres of tropical rain forest including its ancient trees, thousands of species of flora and fauna and the pristine forest scenery of the area.

Mrs. Chinchilla has declared that she will suspend the permits given for the open sky mining in Crucitas.

Isn’t it ironic for the current authorities to promote our country as a country with a deep environmental conscious and as a leading nation in conservation of our natural resources, while our governments allows projects that are nothing but an ecological catastrophe?

The profit is irrelevant when the Costa Ricans’ natural patrimony is in jeopardy; when a small group gets a short term economical benefit, and tomorrow our kids and grand kids will suffer the absence of these natural resources, the sources of potable water (will get polluted by the chemical processes) and the impossibility of developing eco-tourism or rural tourism projects that in a long run will be more beneficial for a larger number of community members,  produce better job opportunities for the locals instead of been in risk of getting poisoned during the process of extraction of gold, or been wounded by the explosions that little by little will destroy the natural beauty of the landscape.

Will it be possible that we Costa Ricans can learn to feed from the hard and cold gold?

Will the gold quench our thirst?

Or instead will other countries buy bottled water from us?

Will the tourist come to our country and pay to see the exotic birds and the exuberant forest?

Will Costa Rica perceive economical benefits from other countries in exchange for preserving the forest and produce oxygen for the rest of the world?

Johnny Viquez


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