Costa Rica Elections 2010: First Costa Rican Female President

Costa Rica ElectionsThe Costa Rica elections 2010 got to an end yesterday when a majority of Costa Rica people chose and voted for a new president.

Laura Chinchilla was elected after obtaining a 46.78% of the votes.  Yesterday since six o’clock in the morning many “Ticos” came to the voting stations and vote for the candidate of their preference, as the time went by the streets filled with cars hired by the different political parties displaying flags and posters of the candidates, taking the potential voters from one town to another in order to get as many votes as possible.

Also it didn’t take long before people walking on the sidewalks and showinCosta Rica Elections Night Celebrationg the colors of their favorite parties turned the streets into a colorful constant flow of voters.

Later in the afternoon just before 6 pm (scheduled time to close the voting stations) the celebration really started, thousands of Ticos on the sidewalks, standing side by side with the contenders from other political parties waving their flags and cheering for their candidate, got more and more excited, and then the crowd got lauder every time a car decorated with flags and posters went by., Laughs, jokes and respect for the others were the closing scenario for our democratic festivity.

Then the winner candidate approaches the state with a very emotive speech as the first woman ever elected as president of Costa Rica, and the high expectations of the majority of Costa Ricans are now in her hands and the continuance of “Partido Liberacion Nacional” for another four years in the government.

Written by Johnny Viquez

Costa Rica Elections 2010Costa Rica Elections 2010


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