Costa Rica Elections 2010

This article was written few days before the presidential elections take place in Costa Rica.

As a democratic country, the presidential Costa Rica elections are a motive for celebration and the Costa Ricans will take sides and go out to the streets and display flags in their homes, stickers on their cars and for months the upcoming election and the performance of the current government will be the favorite topic in TV channels, at the bars and restaurants, on the bus and even at the park. I would even say it will be the Costa Rican version for the Super bowl when it comes to TV ratings.

Although traditionally Costa Rica’s political field was dominated by two parties (Partido Liberacion Nacional PLN –democrats- and Partido Unidad Social Cristiana PUSC –Social Christian-) four years ago Partido Unidad Social Cristiana was displaced by PAC “Partido Accion Ciudadana” founded by former politicians from PLN & PUSC, becoming the third political force ending up second in the elections of 2006.

The dual party elections that were basically created in the 1940, forming a sort of a family tradition to be part of either one of the two parties for generations, was dramatically taken to an end due to the court prosecution against two former presidents of Costa Rica (Rafael Angel Calderon Fournier & Miguel Angel Rodriguez) for cases of corruption and influences’ traffic, both of them belonging to the PUSC.

Also the new and promising PAC was severely affected by the opposition of the party’s candidate Otton Solis to the free trade agreement between Costa Rica and the United States wanted by the majority of Costa Ricans.

Surprisingly an incipient party four years ago (Movimiento Libertario ML) has become the strongest opposition to the official party PLN for these elections in Costa Rica.

The official party is represented by Laura Chinchilla, former vice-president of Costa Rica who according to the latest statistics counts with a 41.9% of the Costa Rican’s voting intention.

The most important candidates for the Costa Rica Elections 2010 to take place on Sunday, February 07th are:

Favorite Candidates Costa Rica Elections 2010

Candidates Costa Rica Elections 2010

Written by Johnny Viquez A.
Know About Costa Rica


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